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Shashwat Verma (Self Employed)

Ankush sir has the rare talent of being both an inspiring visionary and detailed implementer. He can take a high-level idea and turn it into a well-oiled machine without losing sight of the goals. This made Ankush sir a dynamic Director of Alfa Fineducon in launching initiatives such as Basic sharemarket course and research analysis courses. His collaborative leadership style and deep educational knowledge allow him to find solutions to the most complex educational challenges.

Jayesh Sachdev (CA Student)

Alfa fineducon Pvt. Ltd. has given me a sense of security as I can now trade the equity markets and make money.

Sanjay Motwani (Accountant)

I Proud of myself as an effective professional stock market trader . It only happens after joining ALFA's platform .

Achyutananda Mirdha (Service)

Studies conducted in a friendly atmosphere in Alfa FineEducon. Due to the lack of technical knowledge, I understand some things were delayed. I asked, again and again, every time my doubts and queries are satisfied. After the course is the promise of free lifetime support.

Tomeshwar Mouryawanshi (Self Employed)