To understand the capital market trading operations of NSE & BSE.

To understand the clearing, settlement and risk management processes.

To learn the other important regulatory aspects. & to know basic knowledge of share market.

This program is designed to equip the participants with the knowledge of technical analysis tools as well as the oscillators to be used for the purpose of designing an analysis framework for the purpose of trading. The highlight of the course is to deal with the psychological aspect of trading by developing a trading framework for better investment and trading output.

To provide practical exposure to the world of Options Trading. Options are considered little more complex than Futures trading. We, in this course are trying to make it simple for the student/traders so that he/she can trade them confidently in the markets

Today’s environment is impacting children in a big way from financial literacy angle.Influenced by media and peer pressure, children often end up buying/coercing latest material from the markets. Parents face a huge challenge in today’s world where children pick up messages from media and accept it as the truth. Hence, the idea to catch them young and help children understand the value of money and saving.

The program explains basics of saving, planning and investing. The program has been developed to make the whole learning experience as fun and activity based.

Do you know India has given the legacy of Commodity trading to the world? Now increasing popularity of commodity trade has boosted requirement of professional commodity trader. If you want to make your career in this industry then you land on the right portal. Share Gurukul strategically designed commodity market training programme for both beginner and professionals. This course provides interactive hands-on case studies and exercise. You would earn enough domain knowledge, expertise and be acquainted with the modalities of the commodities derivatives markets in India.

We have qualified market professional and industry experts, who will provide you training and hands-on practice in live market set up with real-time modules and technology at ShareGurukul centers. Currently we are offering only classroom mode training programme but soon we will facilitate online test & training to our participants.

To provide skills and techniques to assess the corporate performance, especially with reference to stock selection.

To know the importance of Research reports and to build good research reports.

To provide comprehensive knowledge:

  • on basic concepts of Finance and Accounts.
  • to read and understand the important and strategic issues in financial statements.
  • to understand various financial dimensions of business like, alternative sources of financing, various financial markets and their features, corporate actions, financial ratios and various risks.