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Everyone dreams about the best in their life, but when we look around, what do we see? EMIs & Loans, NO SAVINGS ONLY EXPENSES. Your dreams come true only, when you plan for them.… Plan it out, so that you don’t have to go through LOANs & EMIs… Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) will help you ensure you have enough money to LIVE YOUR DREAMS. If you buy a product or service via EMIs (equated monthly installments), you will pay more than the actual price. However, if you save this sum through SIPs in mutual funds, you will shell out less than the sticker price. For Instance, if you want to buy a car of Rs.10.50 Lakh. With loan interest rate @10.50% for 3 years your monthly EMI would be Rs.34,127 but if you plan to do SIP, you only require to do SIP of Rs.25,514.

Power of Compounding

Getting rich is simpler than you think with compounding effect. With compounding, your money will earn more money for you. The early you invest and longer you keep your investment, more you will earn. Power of Compounding is the Eighth Wonder of the world!

Rupee Cost Averaging

SIP works magical in volatile market! SIP's automatic market timing mechanism eliminates the worry of timing the market by purchasing more units or stocks when the price is lower and buying less when price is high. By investing on a regular schedule, you can take advantage of market dips without worrying about when they'll occur.

Director Talk Systematic Investment in Volatile Markets

Systematic Investment Plan is a smart financial planning tool that helps you to create wealth, by investing small sums of money every month, over a period of time. Investing at an early stage of life lets you enjoy the benefits of two powerful strategies, rupee cost averaging and the power of compounding. The systematic investment plan is a very simple way to invest in the financial asset class in this investor will get benefits of management of the fund by the professionals or experts is one of the key advantages of investing in a mutual fund. They regularly carry out extensive research on the company, the industry, and the economy thus ensuring informed investment. Secondly, they regularly track the market. Thus for many of us who do not have the desired expertise and are too busy with our vocation to devote sufficient time and effort to investing in equity, mutual funds offer an attractive alternative. And also Investor can choose funds as per their risk appetite and future goals which are another great advantage of Mutual funds,

One more reason why SIP is best in the volatile market is over a long term horizon, equity investments have given returns which far exceed those from the debt based instruments. They are probably the only investment option, which can build large wealth.

The systematic investment plan in Volatile markets is a unique way to create wealth. As we know Trading and investing is 30% knowledge is 70% emotions, which is driven by fear & greed, Generally retail investors booked their profits in those stocks which are giving good returns and hold weak or junk stocks which are bellowed their buying price but when we invest in Systematic investment plan  especially when markets are volatile we will get NVA (net asset value) in every level which are free from emotions where  fear and greed doesn’t exist. In a simple way if we want to understand this we can say when markets are down investor will get more NVA’s and when markets are up they will get less NAVs but good returns of  NVA’s which they are holding. Simple it’s an averaging concept and it will great work only in Volatile Market. It prevents the investor from trying to time the market. But investments in SIPs will garner good returns only if you stay invested for the long term because in a short term your fund may not outperform the benchmark but in a longer term we have seen many funds are outperforming the benchmarks.


Happy Investing  

Market Update


Workshop for Advance Technical Analysis


We are conduction 2 days workshop on Advance Technical Analysis on Dated 11th 12th Feb 2017 

Venue :- Sapphire In Hotel Raipur 

Fees :- 4500+ST